Thursday, May 17, 2012

They're Hard to Kill

I spent the last week trying to kill our mutual friends.

They ARE persistent. Skilled even. This is important. I think I'm done with them for now.

I'm sure they'll tell you all about it sooner or later.

After they've complained a bit, I think I'll repost old material that Nick seems to have worked on at varying points over the years. You cannot understand the story of The Presence without it. In fact, none of what happened makes any sense unless you discuss the "Nephilim" situation which occurred before her capture.

My what tangled webs we weave.

-Good Day-


  1. Just to be clear on this, by mutual friends you mean Nick and Ellen, right? Because I don't think they're your friends and I have no friends.

  2. Nick, did you stop paying attention to your own blog?

    Or is this another perception filter making you its' bitch?