A Recap of Events in the Past

 My childhood sucked. There was that aching fear of a rocking chair caused by events that seemed just a little too real. I defended myself as best I could. But come on, I was a damn kid. After one truly horrendous night from hell, I started trying to do whatever I could to protect myself. So I started working actively on lucid dreaming, and fought back as hard as I could.

Years passed. Bad shit got worse. I've definitely determined that I could just be bugnuts crazy.

Then I met Time Lord and started to prepare myself to directly combat all the horrors of the world, and I directly encountered The Presence and The Samurai for the first time. A more detailed explanation of how I THINK this all works happened soon after that. Then I explained how I usually deal with it

So yeah. Life got crazy for me quite fast. I had an eventful and barely sufficient training period with Time Lord. As always, I missed all the important details that could have saved me a lot of trouble down the line. For example: The Presence had a visit from the Rogues. I didn't try and figure out why. I determined that The Presence and I were close at one point. I had to try and see her again. Oh, and the Samurai had an epic score to settle with me that could only be settled in blood. It's not fun to wake up and encounter all this at the same time. I also ended up explaining a whole bunch of Supernatural World Politics which lead to the complete insanity that would soon occur. There are the Higher Planes, the Lower Planes, and the Astral Plane. There are a billion other planes in between, but for things thus far those are the three you need to remember. Another War was about to start, which was going to get nuts due to the inclusion of a third faction: The Rogues.

And then the Rogues all visited me and wanted me to join them. Okay, that's a stupid summation, the thing is that I already worked for them in my most recent past life, and just didn't know it at the time. It's kind of depressing. My self in my past life was a complete idiot.

Think it was bad now? Trust me, it only gets worse.