Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fixing a Mess With A Bigger Mess -/|\- A Bigger Bang

Fixing a Mess With a Bigger Mess

Ellen's gotten herself into a bit of trouble. Similar to some certain dwarves, she got too greedy, and dug too dark and too deep. Rather than let her get herself served up as dinner as per the classic case of Balrog v. Moria, I decided it was time to apply my own particular brand of insanity to the situation at hand. Specifically in a manner that would allow me to achieve several goals all at once.

I broke into the New Morningstar's fine house. My goal was simple: sneak in, steal a certain suitcase full of world ending syringes from when Redlight was having his last gasp, get out. Now, I have had several conversations with Time Lord at this point, and I knew that the best way to help Ellen out was to get a whole lot of people looking in my direction all at once. That was where my old cell phone came into play. I plugged in the battery, and watched it power up. Mastermind wouldn't be willing to spend a whole lot of resources on it. Any idiot who could locate the phone with satellite tech would know that I wouldn't be stupid enough to plug the damn battery back in after all this time. But he'd send somebody, just to see what kind of trap I was springing.

And I only needed him to send out a couple people.

I cracked open a side window into New Morningstar's fine residence. You wouldn't think that this was the house of a mass murderer. In the act of climbing inside, I lost my footing, slammed my groin against the window sill, and fell inside. I landed on the corpse of the priest he'd been talking about killing the other day.

There is a smell, to the corpse of a man. Like rotting meat at the butcher's, until you turn your head and see the eyeless face of something that was once a man. In with the new boss, same as the old boss. I puked in the corner of the room, and then remembered what I was here to do.

The suitcase was easy enough to find. The one with Redlight's old apocalypse juice. I dropped my old cell phone into the closet it had once resided in. In another half hour or so, the New Morningstar would have some friends to deal with. May they murder his sorry ass and send it to the depths of hell.

I really, really wish I hadn't been busy running a rescue operation. I really want to hurt this son of a bitch. But after a few long, painful hours, I turned six vials of Redlight's Apocalypse Juice into plain water. There are still three vials out there though. I'm worried.


A Bigger Bang

Figuring out where Ellen would go in Philadelphia after she escaped while her guards were busy was pretty easy. As per some sticky notes from Time Lord, I left her a small stack of her OWN sticky notes.

I love it when a plan comes together. And I think you guys will too.


  1. But... Senor Nick... You came to us and didn't say hello? I had hoped that we might have something someday.

  2. ... good on you.
    (blah blah obligatory I'm going to kill you someday bitch bitch moan moan.)
    Though you seem like an interesting guy, Sage.

    Stop by for a coffee sometime. On the house.

  3. So you made it back into your blog, huh? Between this and Kay actually posting, I think I would consider this a good day...

    If I wasn't having a nervous fucking breakdown.

    But hey, 66% less Apocalypse Juice... now we're only 1/3 fucked. Yaaay~

  4. Hello Sage, I can't belive I've taken so long to check out your blog, (thanks for the summeries by the way, most bloggers aren't so polite). I'll probably go back and read everthing in greater detail later, for the inspirational posters if nothing else. Good job with the vials, and good luck with your plan, looks like intresting things are in order.

    See you around

  5. So, question. What about the security of the house? Also, another question... these conversations with Time Lord behind the scenes are worrying at best. Is everyone ABSOLUTELY sure we should be trusty Sagey-kun, here?