Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something I Observed while Projecting

When some men dance, titans tremble. LinkLet me tell you a story of recent times. What happened before Mitch encountered Valtiel?

A Tall man in a black coat, with a red scarf draped around his shoulders was standing in the midst of a Chaotic Void. He appeared to be middle aged, with dark hair that was graying slightly. His Eyes were a deep Amber color, with slitted pupils. He smiled as his pursuer drew near. Again.

Let us take a moment to discuss a chaotic void, shall we? A nexus of destruction created to convert the energy of the dead into new life. This is not a place for the living, and not a place for the sane. There is nothing quite so disturbing as to see the process of life and death exchanging places without warning or reason.

After a moment, Nick walked into this place, smiling brightly, "Hi there Valty, you big mean son of a bitch you! How're you doing? Indoctrinated anyone interesting recently?"

Valtiel said, "Nick Dwyer. Don't you ever get tired? We have been doing this little dance for how long now?"

Nick said, "It's only been a few weeks. By my reckoning, hardly enough to count as one of my more ambitious projects."

He pulled out a notebook.

"You've caused a lot of trouble. You like Psychopaths, like Morningstar...but between the clown and the fop, I'm not sure where to start. So how would you like to get this started? Witty banter followed by the purging of your soul? Or would you prefer to skip to the pain? Some people like going out for lunch before this kind of thing, actually. What's your style?"

Valtiel said, "I suppose this is the part where I say something along the lines of 'your puny mortal mind cannot comprehend my powers" or something so Cliché. It's all Good Fun isn't it? But you really have become quite an inconvenience for me..."

Nick said, "I hate it when they say that. I'm not some petty conjuror of cheap tricks you know. I'm the Tolkien White Guy, there's one in every fantasy story. That makes me dangerous."

Nick here. Ellen can't see this. She stuck her boot in the proverbial hornet's nest, and now I'm going to run a bit of interference. Oh my lovely demotivational posters, how I missed you! What fun we will have together! :D

Valtiel extended his hand into the Chaotic Mass, revealing the one you know as Hakurei Ryuu, in a hotel room by herself.

Nick said, "Good picture. Have you ever thought of taking up a career as a color TV?"

He did not look amused anymore, however. In fact, he seemed ready for a fight.

Valtiel said, "Cifer always said you were something of a White Knight. So here's how this is going to work, Nick. You leave me alone, and I won't personally strangle the life out of your friend here. I normally don't bother with the hands on approach anymore... But as I said. An Inconvenience."

Valtiel's smile became twisted and distorted briefly before returning to normal

Nick’s eyes narrowed. He said, far calmer than I would have, "You think that I won't pile a mountain of skulls and let loose a river of blood in the name of vengeance if you do?"

Valtiel said, "I am willing to find out... How about you?"

Nick said, "You’ve got nine chances to end the world lying around. Do you really think I'm going to let that slide?"

Valtiel was amused: "Those things? This is about Redlight's Syringes?"

Valtiel shook his head with a sigh, still smiling.

Nick said, "Those and Val's location, and you've got a deal. Anything less, and the war starts."

Valtiel laughed. It was a very pleasant sounding laugh filled with friendliness and joy.

Valtiel said, "Why have you assumed that I have the Syringes. They are right where Cifer left them. As for Valerie..."

Valtiel pointed to Valerie inside the Chaotic Mass.

He said, "She's right here."

Nick said, "Now you're just being a dick."

Valtiel said, "I'm just telling you the quickest route to your dear friend."

Valtiel put his hand in the Mass further, reaching out and touching the back of Valerie's head briefly, pulling away quickly after.

Nick, I think, was stalling at that point. He said, "You can't just point at a picture of her and say 'Here'. Doesn't work that way."

Valtiel sighed once more

He said, "You are wasting my time Nick. I have an appointment with a dear friend of Cifer's in a few minutes. Valerie is right there."

Nick muttered a curse and walked through the hole.

Valtiel opened another exit within sight of Nick. It showed Mitch.

Nick said "What's your game, Valty?"

Valtiel simply smiled in response

Nick just gave Valtiel a blank expression. Valtiel walked through the exit he created near Mitch

Nick actually said, "Oh you son of a bitch."

He considered his options. For one, long, long moment. Then he muttered a curse and leapt into the hole that lead to Ryuu.

Was Nick actually, physically in this place between worlds? I can’t tell you. When this was happening, I was a passive observer elsewhere. My own life has gotten extremely complicated as of late, I can assure you.

And to my audience, I request no further riddles. I have too many in my everyday life as it is.


  1. I am glad to see Senor Nicholas is alright.

  2. One can not simply rock into Mordor!

  3. So, Sage, if you die, does this mean that you come back as Nick the White? Nick the Brown? Nick the Pokka-Dot Bikini? (I highly suggest the last one.)

  4. My question would be why Nicky-boy didn't simply ask where Star LEFT the syringes, but oh well. Hindsight's easy at this stage of the game.