Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We just got hacked by Hakurei Ryuu

Nick's pissed.

Hakurei Ryuu got into the blog somehow, and left a post about the night The Presence died.

He just got rid of the post and couldn't look at the computer. He's throwing punches and doing a training routine. And crying.

I know the look. He really wants to break the world right now. It can't be a good memory for him. Or maybe it's that Ryuu just threw up his personal garbage for everyone to see. He doesn't want to talk, so I won't ask.

It doesn't help that we found out that the New Redlight may have Fitzgerald's body, but absolutely nothing of his mind remains. Kind of terrifying. Nick gave a little spiel about "he didn't turn his into a synch and lock it away in his soul, he was overwhelmed by it and became the beast..."

That needs explanation. I'm not qualified to give it. I'm just one person with no extra bits, damn it.

Anyways, he doesn't want anybody to see that post I guess?

I'm really not sure what to do right now. Or whether or not I care. "The Presence" was a fucking bitch, and she deserved what she got coming to her. Damned if I can't understand why he cares so damn much.


  1. One second while I format my previous comment from the post that just got deleted. But for now?

    Bloggers, just go to

    The post he just deleted will still be completely visible. He won't be able to hide his bullshit. Serious props to his Sagey friend for thinking of this, really and truly.

    Seriously. Five minutes for the comment. Wait for me. <3

  2. You seriously want the whole WORLD to see that particular shitstorm?

    What is wrong with you?

    1. Wait, wait, wait your turn Sagey-kun! I still have to rip your demon friend a new asshole before I can really get to your go-around. Didn't I JUST ask for five minutes? Jeez, so impatient. But, go on, get pissed off. Feel the rage. If it pulls you out of your dark little emo corner and wakes your ass up, I would happily have you hate me. Now. Let me reply to Ellen real fast, mmkay?

  3. Okay. Look, Ellen? Stop being such a flaming fucking bitch. Maybe if he had some goddamn emotional support besides demon hell bitch with a heart of ice, he might be in less emotional pain right now. Show him his support network, and LOVINGLY put a boot so far up his ass he can taste the rubber treads. Yeah. You go fuck yourself, this is partially your fault.

    Seriously. Telling him that his one true love (or whatever) was a bitch and wasn't worth his suffering and agony? Not the best way to react to his having a breakdown in the corner. At least bitch him out in ways that might actually help him. Good grief, how is he even still ALIVE around you?

    At the very least, let ME be the flaming bitch. It's part of my job title, and at least I'm trying to be helpful about it. You're pretty much not worth the time listening to your hate. You good with that? No? I don't care.

    1. You are a stupid bitch.

      "The Presence" has killed more people and caused more harm than most dictators do in a lifetime of depravity. She effectively had his mind trapped and tortured for six years straight, AT MINIMUM. She spent an awful lot of time trying to kill me, and anyone ELSE who didn't jump on board her little pain train.

      Nick is lucky to be alive. We're not talking about some lovely young lady with a sweet disposition, we're talking about the Queen Bitch of Murder Mountain, who killed everyone and everything until the world suited the shape she wanted.

      You want to know why the world is what it is today? Mastermind may run the show, but she's what made it possible! And the sooner Nick gets over the past, the saner he might get!

    2. Oh wah wah wah, I'm a stupid bitch. Reaaaaaally great comeback.

      You mean, oh, in her previous life, or this one? You wanna talk about judging people for their past lives when people would love to have your head on a pike for YOUR past shit? Oh, fun. You were also raised in a demonic environment, lead to do things that weren't right, that were unethical. But, oh hey, she had the same thing happen to her and suddenly she's the motherfucking Devil? God DAMN you are a hypocrite. Wow. I hope you actually pause to read your own bullshit, maybe you'll realize how contradictory you sound right about now.

      "She wanted to kill me." Oh fuck me sideways, that's a stupid reason. Nick wanted to kill you. Every Rogue general wanted to kill you. Every victim EVER from a past life and the families that you destroyed probably want to kill you. Hmm, let's see, Mastermind doesn't even CARE ENOUGH about your insignificant life to have you killed. He could at any moment, but oh hey, again with the not caring. There's sure a whole lot of that going on lately, isn't there?

      Queen Bitch of Murder Mountain was someone he was head over heels in love with. She was a manipulative, scheming, overly powerful woman that he would have been better off without. She also made him stronger, protected him from a much worse fate at the hands of the Rogues, and oh hey how many women does she sound like in the verse? Hmm.. it isn't that ungodly rare.

      She was the muscle, the power behind Mastermind, but I wonder who else helped the other side? I wonder who else is at fault for the way things are today? Hell, Mastermind almost used YOU until you negated your usefulness by escaping and seeing his face and, ya know, plotting against him.

      The sooner he gets over the past? Take your own goddamn advice and shut the fuck up about your painful little backstory and the Demon that has to be a Human complex. You're worse than he, and you're more hung up on shit than he ever was.

      Yes, he needs to get past what happened. You are the WORST POSSIBLE PERSON to be helping him right now. You are also the biggest hypocrite I have ever met. Congratulations on your new title. Now, kindly shut the fuck up so I can actually do something you can't and won't and try to help our dear little Sage, okay? God DAMN you guys get butthurt fast!

    3. Amy... I love you.
      Just wanted to put that out there... carry on. XD

  4. Man, nick, bitches be all up in your grill.

    1.'re really going to risk provoking me while I'm writing seven paragraphs at a time? Wow.

      Also, thank you sooooooo much for your pretty compliment. ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

  5. My goodness, Captain! That didn't take very long, now did it~?



  6. Oh Good God. They are trying to out BITCH each other. This could last a while. I need Popcorn for this. Place your bets now people.
    My money's on Amykins. Always gotta root for the underdog.

    1. You do realize I LIKE that nickname, and you stole it from the B Movie Action Hero, right? He was using that before you did.

      So, sorry, but you STILL aren't being original.

    2. Of course I am not being orignal. I steal all my material. Evil, remember?

    3. Ahahaha, you're a hypocrite too. -__- You tell me I steal my nicknames for you, and you turn around and do the same. For shame!

    4. What part of "Evil" do you not understand?

    5. I'd say "Boring" before "Evil", but whatever.

  7. "Arguing on the internet is like running at the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."