Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Redlight: An Open Letter

Dear Redlight,

We had an enlightening conversation last time. Meeting you in person showed me many things, about you, what you are, and how you operate. It also gave me incredibly useful information regarding The Tree. Don't worry, I still intend to destroy or eliminate that tree, the abomination that it is. After all, I'm one of the very few people equipped to do so, and there are those syringes to worry about.

That said, you've probably noticed something rather terrifying as of late. Namely the fact that you're out of bodies.. You see, people form sympathetic connections between each other over time. Love, hate, like, dislike, and everything inbetween. It is through connections like these that old sayings such as the "red string of fate" are formed, or the idea of a bond between two people that can cross all distances in time and space. You had developed several very special connections with a number of specific people. We will refer to these as your unfortunate "Redlit" proxies. As you well know, those connections have very quickly been disappearing as of late.

When I was out finding Nessa the other day, I did some cutting. When I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep, I did some cutting. And right now as I type this and think of how to properly state my feelings, I'm doing some cutting. In a very short period of time, you will be out of bodies. There are maybe one or two that I will not be able to cut at this point. I'm not particularly worried about this though. One more body just won't take you very far.

After all, beyond the people you've already worked with, thanks to the proper cuts, you will no longer be able to "Redlight" anyone else ever again. Savor the time you have in your next body, because it's your last. Your stale, static eternity is over.

Don't worry though. As I previously said, I will be taking care of that tree. And I would strongly suggest not giving people injections of the Tree Juice. The results may surprise you.

In short: Scissors beat Paper.

Sincerely Yours,
Nick Dwyer, Amalgamation Sage, The Crazy Beastmaster


  1. My god Nick.

    Dysis is slow clapping behind me.

    I hope this works out, you crazy, crazy man.

  2. AHAHAHA BRAVO! Bravo, Plane walker!

    You brilliant mad man!

  3. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks that was probably the best way to deal with him ever. Though he's concerned about the rock.


    You crazy, amazing bastard. Well done

  5. Victory appears to be yours. Well played. Well played, indeed.

  6. Something about this just screams too good to be true. Redlight has been "defeated" before.
    Or maybe I'm just a pessimist.

  7. Well it seems you've certainly played me, Nick, setting free those people it took me so long to hollow out. I'm certain they'll be all relieved if they discover what would've happened to them if you hadn't taken that upon yourself.

    And since I suppose I can say that I represent those liberated masses, since I was who brought them together, I can say on their behalf, 'Thank you.'

    Thank you, yes, I can say that because you've done a big favor for a great amount of people.

    Myself included.

    You see, Nick, the Bleeding Tree; the way it tracks me is through my network, its roots twisting and grasping as it follows me, as if through my very own set of branches. Poetic perhaps, but also an irritant.

    So in actuality, what you've done, is done some much needed pruning for me, Nick. You've severed all those little seeking grasping roots, leaving me only this body for now.

    Tomorrow, I'll claim a long awaited prize, let this current puppet fall to its demise, and then I'll be free. Clean. Because it can't trace what hasn't been corrupted yet.

    So thank you Nick, for doing exactly as I expected you to do, Thank you for enabling my get away from a supernatural predator. I've got to hand it to Robert, that was an effective end. Until you showed up and saved me.

    Don't bother looking for me, you'll never find me again, Nick. That goes for all of you. I'm a free agent now, free of all these monsters, and I'll be free to do as I please to whomever I please forevermore.

    Thank you again, Nick, for doing my dirty work for me.

    - R

  8. Even if there wasn't this trite little villainous monologue from redlight above this comment, I'd still feel it necessary to call you out on this: unless you specifically made sure you freed Cynthia, the next stop on redlight's magical body surfing adventures is likely to be a little girl.
    Even had your plan not backfired, as red's claiming it has, that's still not something I can really get behind.

  9. So Omega, with my options of 'Let him wipe out the world, salt the earth, and piss on our ashes' or 'come up with something to put him down, HARD," you would have chosen the first one? You're winning the Nobel Prize for SURE with that attitude.

    Besides which, I'm happy with saving a few dozen people from mental slavery. You ass.

    That said: Fuck me sideways. Oh well, I was used, but I think that Tony, Cynthia, and Cathy will prove to be made of sterner stuff that he could expect.

    I hope? Fuck.

  10. Well, yes, if redlight kills off everyone else, any survivors get Nobel Prizes distributed to them by default, right? Least that's what I was thinking.

    My reaction is not anger that you put down redlight, but that you went ahead with this without much planning for consequences (redlight playing you couldn't have been predicted, but you had to have known that Cynthia would be put at greater risk because of this).
    You've established here that you can sever red's connections, which is good. However, I can't see a reason why you felt you had to do it NOW. You made no attempts (at least, none which you have publicly revealed here) to remove red's apocalypse syringes before attacking him; that's like picking a fight with a bomber without trying to disarm the bomb first. That you chose to attack him now seems like an emotion driven response to his recent actions instead of a thought out strategy; had this not all been part of red's plan, the most likely outcome I see would have been for him to start acting desperately, which is not what you want a man threatening to destroy the world doing.
    But that's still all just dressing around my main gripe, which is that, since we didn't know this little factoid about red's next host being clean until now, the the assumed consequences of your actions would have been that a child gets mindraped and then has her body ripped to pieces by a malevolent tree because a mind parasite has nowhere else to run. There are dozens of greater good arguments which can support doing that, and honestly, I'd back most of them up. Doesn't change the fact that it would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  11. Hey, guess what, I do have something I can do to those Syringes. In fact, I thought I made that clear. If he wants to find out what that is, he can reap the whirlwind any time he wants those syringes to go off.

    And you know something? Yeah, it was always going to be risk. And I knew when I started what I did that it might go horribly wrong. But believe me, I've seen far worse done in a tight corner than something like this. I did what I had to do. And if it had worked the way I'd planned, Cynthia would be safe.

    Since she isn't, it's time for plan B. As soon as someone figures out what that is.

  12. Called it. Just a Hope Spot.

  13. And fuck you too, Benny-boy. This ain't over. Not by a long shot.

  14. After reading Cynthia's latest post, it seems my concerns were unfounded.

    With that off my mind, I can in good conscience say, Damn good job, Amal.

  15. You keep this up and I'll run out of reasons to hate on you. Which will never do.

    That bastard can rot in hell. Redlight? More like DEADLIGHT!

    ...shut up, I'm on painkillers.

  16. Ah more clever than I thought he was...

    Interesting. ;)

  17. Better to be lucky than good, I guess.

  18. You should be more careful, cutting ties like those. Who knows what could happen if you cut the wrong ones.