Saturday, May 14, 2011

]| Breakdown |[

All had proceeded as planned. Then, with the blink of an eye, all was different. He had disappeared from the maiden's view. That was impossible. There was no way for him to hide, no hope for him to evade. How? How was it possible?!

Her anger grew as she sought the one place that he would always return to: a depository of sorts for his thoughts and dreams. Connected to this place was a strange realm where he and others revealed all their innermost secrets.

Her anger had become force. It had nearly destroyed this realm of secrets. That could not be allowed. Especially not when it made him so easy to track.

Patience was mandatory. She had waited this long, she could wait a bit longer. His "Records" must remain intact.

Soon. So very soon. Still, it was through her error that these events came to pass. A story was still owed, so a story would be told.


  1. So you're responding to people now?

    If you want to talk, answer me this: Who are you, and where is AmalgamationSage?

    You don't seem like an enemy, but I'd like to know for certain.

  2. I'd absolutely love to have a new friend.

  3. I see and I feel
    I will find him soon
    I am determined

  4. To speak in haiku,
    You must use five-seven-five.

  5. learn through your failure
    New arts must be trained often
    happily failing

  6. Indeed, for practice
    Makes perfect, or so they say.

    But let us speak now
    Of your intent towards Sage.
    I admit concern.

  7. I am a killer
    what is there to fear from him?
    serenity comes

  8. You are a killer.
    What has he to fear from you?
    I worry for him.

  9. Oh, I absolutely love poems, let me try.

    Is there a small chance
    That some time in the future
    We could all be friends?

  10. This guy is funny.
    Who the hell speaks in Haiku?
    And yet I like it.

  11. screw haiku. what have you done with sage?!


  12. It was "her" mistake that caused everything. To me, that just screams "cryptic backstory!"