Friday, May 27, 2011

Engaging Murderfists

So I tried connecting into this other dimension. It didn't want me to. I didn't care. I'd never felt anything like this. The dimension was actively keeping my ass from entering it. It was the only explanation. I felt the brush of those damn leeches as I tried to get through, and with a bit of force on my part, they exploded into flame. The house smelled a bit like a barbecue for a while, but I wasn't complaining.

I saw our Slender Suit Wearing Tentacle Douche outside the window during one of our breaks. I didn't tell Ryuu. I just flipped it off and went back to work. When I ignored it, I found myself privy to an illusion of being stabbed by a thousand tentacles as the living room turned into a classic medieval dungeon. I shrugged it off, forced myself not to puke, and told Ryuu it was nothing. He was gone when I looked back out the window.

I'm not having a good day. I would hazard a guess that you haven't had a good day in nine years.

I finally broke through, and found myself in this place that Kay's stranded in. I couldn't move. The very dimension itself didn't want me in it. I could feel anger and something all too alien all around me. Trying to stay in it for more than a moment was like trying to breathe water. I coughed a bit, returned to my body, downed a bottle of coca-cola, and tried again. This fucking third degree broken down pissant Pain Dimension wasn't getting the best of me.

It's nearing midnight, and I'm a twitchy, neurotic mess. I can maintain a projection over there now, but moving around feels like I'm walking in a lead suit. It's slow, cumbersome, exhausting, and sweaty.

But I'm getting it down. I'm building myself up to a point where I can do this. I'm going to find Kay, and we're going to bring her back, and I'm going to murder the living shit out of anything that gets in my way with my fucking murderfists.

God I need more time.

Your plan with Weaver, Spinner, and Cutter really is quite good. You really do need to relax. Wouldn't you all agree?


  1. You ass. Next time you tell me it's nothing, we'll see who... who... Fuck, I am no good at threats. Goddammit.

    You're still an asshole. You didn't tell me about the proxies following us last time, and you didn't tell me about Slenderfuck this time. Give me some goddamn credit. I understand your intentions and all, but have a LITTLE more faith in me than that.

  2. Ryuu, leave him alone. He's trying to save your ungrateful ass.

    The less you directly interact with The Director the better.

    Everyone and everything will break before him eventually. Don't blame him for giving you breathing room.

  3. Keep on moving, Sage.
    I believe in you, a shit ton more than I do in most other people.
    Let lose with your fury and get your friends out of harm's way.
    Live long enough to deliver S-Dawg's just desserts right to his doorstep.

    Insofar as I see it, you've got this in the bag.
    Take names, motherfucker, like you always do.

  4. We all wish we had more time. Life is relentless that way.

    Love Under Will

  5. It amazes me how strong those perception filters can be. I'd hazard a guess right about now, that the lady that dresses in the rags of the rainbow is the same one affecting the text you can't see in your blog.

    Do I win a cookie if I'm right?