Monday, June 27, 2011

The Jade Dragon -/|\- Hotel Room -/|\- Hours 19 - 15

The Jade Dragon

I'd like to take a moment to talk about Evil. There are all kinds of powers in the universe. The elements. There's Ying and Yang, positive and negative, but there's no such power that can be described as "Good" or "Evil." It's always a question of how you use it. I've known people who've only ever been able to wield the power of darkness, who've been among the most wonderful and gentle people you'll ever meet. I've also met people who've wielded the power of light and have been the most vicious, murdering bastards you'll ever know. Nothing on earth, without intent, is evil by nature. It's the intent that changes something, that makes evil or good possible.

I've been sitting on Nessa's Jade Dragon for a while now. Zero gave me it's location back in May. I took a side trip when I was meeting with Hylo and found it. I've been lazy, and I've done my best to ignore it. I've had it locked in a closet, and I'm going to have to do something about it before things get crazy. It is, for all intents and purposes, filled with the darkest, most foul energy I've seen in a long time. I intend to purify it as best I can. Maybe that will give Nessa or Zero or someone peace.

In the mean time, I think I've cracked the filter a little. I can't make the previous posts readable, but ahead should be Hotel Room, and Hours 19 - 15. Here goes nothing, eh? These SHOULD look exactly like I originally intended. Editor's Notes in the upcoming entry will be Italicized Times New Roman.

Editor's Note: Everything about the upcoming entry compared to what was actually visible on the blog during the date it was listed is hacked together weirdly. The one change I've made is that I'm putting the end of the prior entry in bold, and the part from "Hotel Room" that was spliced into that entry into bold, so you know how the filter worked the info from the post around. If ANYTHING looks wrong when you guys read these, let me know and list details. This is important. I think I have the filter cracked for future posts, but I'm still not sure.

Excerpt Begins Now:


(Editor's Note:  Yeah. This was a rough time. Even when he's sloppy, Time Lord is fucking amazing at what he does. Keep in mind that the bold is what was actually visible to you guys, and look at the original entry, and you'll see what I mean.)

Yeah. That was all pretty funny guys, and it was fun remembering it. But it wasn't a victory. I know it wasn't a victory, because I somehow ended up back at my apartment with a full tank of gas. I remember hanging out with Weaver and helping her sort out her things at her apartment. Gods only knew she needed to get ready for whatever happened next, and I needed Ibuprofen. That's what happened during Hours 24 - 20. But nothing that I've written so far is a victory.

I think I fucked up somehow. I think that it's been nearly a week, and I don't know what happened after I reappeared in my Apartment. I think Spinner, Cutter, and Weaver are dead. I found Weaver's apartment earlier today, and the whole place looks ransacked. I'm going to Time Lord's house tomorrow. I haven't seen any sign of The Fucking Blank Businessman, or any Mantises, which I'm calling bad. Things like them don't just disappear on you. But they can wait. Oh they are very good at waiting.

Hotel Room:

I walked into my Motel this afternoon. I forgot to figure this stuff out before I left for Buffalo, and decided to just walk in and see if they had any available rooms. Right when I walked in, I knew that something unusual was going on.

The Manager shouted to me, "Mr. (AmalgamationSage)!"

I blinked. When had I ever met this guy before? I glanced at his nametag as I walked over to him. For our purposes, his codename will be Mindwash.

I walked over to him and said, "Howdy (Mindwash)"

He said, "You left your key on the counter when you left this morning."

I'd JUST gotten here. What the hell did he mean by This Morning?

I took the key gladly, and said, "Thanks. I didn't even notice."

I looked down at the Keycard he handed me. It had a stack of yellow sticky-notes on it. The top note said, "Your room number is 215."

I asked Mindwash, "Do you guys use a lot of sticky notes?"

Mindwash looked confused. He said, "Why do you ask?"

His eyes never even glanced down at the keycard, and his pupils dialated whenever he looked directly at me. No doubt about it, somebody had tapdanced on his brain. It had been a very thorough tapdancing too if this guy thought I'd been there all week.

(Editor's Note: Yeah. I now know that One of Me created by a divergent timeline or whatever the fuck Time Lord Did WAS there. So what was I doing? This remains my biggest unanswered question.)

I said, "I ended up with a big stack of the things I need to get rid of."

Mindwash said, "I guess we could take them."

I said, "I might bring some down later."

Then I started up the stairs for Room 215. This was your average decently furnished motel. I wont say what motel for security reasons, but I will say that I hope I hadn't been paying for the whole week. When I got to the door, I pulled the top sticky note off.

It revealed the message, "You shouldn't have come back."

I said, "Fuck you. You brought me into this the minute you decided what I could and couldn't see."

I tore off the sticky, revealing, "I didn't have a choice in the matter. I know all the endings."

I said, "Oh?"

I pulled up the note to reveal:

"My choices are 'The World Ends' or 'The World Begins.'"

I rose an eyebrow, pulling up the note to reveal:

"Both options end with almost everyone dying. So I'm trying for a third option."

I pulled up the note:

"You open that door, and I HAVE to take that third option. You know it well. I call it, 'The Impossible.'"

I pulled up the note:

"There's no turning back you son of a bitch. Do you understand that?"

I glared at the sticky notes. Then I glared at the door. I was down to one sticky note left.

I said, "I'm going to kick your ass so fucking hard when I see you again."

I tore off the top note, revealing the final message:


I slid the keycard through the lock, opened the door, took a step inside, and passed out. I shit you not, my eyes just stopped working, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I woke up around four hours later with the view of two sets of shoes walking out of the room. One a pair of boots, the other a pair of white sneakers. Ten minutes later, I could actually pull myself upright. I was one very unhappy camper. What kind of show was Time Lord running here?

I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow will be better.

(Editor's Note: I still have no idea whose shoes those were. But seeing as two of me were running around all throughout this period, and I'm pretty sure those boots were mine, I'd say one of them was me. The other would probably be Time Lord. What that actually means, I don't know.)


HNoOurTs 1Y9 E- 1T5






  1. Um. A couple of things. First, everything after the Editor's note about the shoes looks like someone bashed the keyboard. Except for the very end. Well, I'm guessing you can see what it says if you look at it right, since you could see it before?

    Also. The hotel thing is fucking strange. Wonder what AltYou was doing the whole time. Do you know any of that, yet?

    And, one more thing. Could I get you to analyze the energy that's corrupted that thing, and send me the results, before you purify it? It would be very useful to the work I'm currently doing.

  2. Holy crap Sage.

    That is all I can say.

    Oh good luck would be a good one too.
    Seriously stay safe.

  3. "Not yet". Okay.

    Nick, given what you've already told me about Time Lord, I'm inclined to trust his judgement on the subject, even if it rightfully pisses you the hell off. I'm just saying, he may be being a dick right now, but that doesn't mean you should argue with him for the sake of arguing.

    I'm home now, so call me if you need help with the dragon. To be honest, I'd like to analyze that corruption as well. If we could figure out exactly how it reacts to different purifiers, that could be turned into an advantage.

  4. I do believe you have a serious problem, "Amalgamation Sage". I have a friend who works at an institution back in Indiana. He claims to have found records of someone who acted just like you. Claims of spirit realms and dark forces which only they and a group of others.

    They ended up having to give him a lobotomy.

    Maybe you should get some help before things get that bad. Maybe you should stop with all these delusions before they destroy you.

  5. "Which only they and a group of others." You write like a bad game translation from Japanese to English. Is your next line, "IT WAS NOT BY MY HAND THAT I WAS RESURRECTED!" Or, "WHAT IS A MAN, OTHER THAN A PILE OF SECRETS?"

    In any case Rick, I've been saying from the beginning that that I might be insane. It is in fact my catchphrase. But one truth remains real: If I'm so crazy, why do you even need to take the time to dispute me. It should be self-evident, shouldn't it?

    Do I scare you, Rick? I'm really a wonderful person.

    Until you cross that one line. How many kids has it been, since it all started in that red brick building? How many souls can I call up to haunt you until your dying day? All I need is a name ricky-boy. And if I send one message to Skhisma, I'll have it.

    You're one soul I wouldn't mind forcing to endure torment for all eternity.

  6. All I can really say to this is: Stay safe. Stay alert. And kick this Time Lord's ass next time you get a chance. Sounds like he needs an ass kicking, real bad.

  7. His name is Peter. Peter Sullivan. I think I will sleep soundly knowing his final days will not be so restful.

    You are a good man, AmalgamationSage. I wish you the best.

  8. As far as the dragon, it might be an idea for you to wait until I have my elephant back, which Guess assures will be returned to me in one piece.

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  10. ... Say me Amalgamation, how much you know about the dreams that involved the Blaspheming Monster? (SM)

    I may need some instruction about it.

  11. Look at you, so smug and secure, hiding behind shallow wit and pointless masquerades. I see through the transparent shades that are your tales of adventures and lore, and behind them is nothing but a terrified man afraid that he's doing everything wrong, afraid that he's what you animals call "insane".

    Am I correct, oh wonderful AmalgamationSage? You certainly seem to gain some sick pleasure from being a beacon of hope to the rabble that makes up this so-called community. How could you not be hiding something behind all of that false cheer? It is only a matter of time before your wall shatters, little sage. All those fears that you've been holding out with your wit and your hope will plunge in on you like a pack of rabid dogs.

    They will pick you clean and all that will remain is your skeleton upon which I will write "Here lies hope, for it is dead"

  12. @TheArsonist
    Is the fate of those that leads to suffer in silence for the good of others..

  13. Look at you, so complacent and secure, ambuscade abaft bank wit and absurd masquerades. I see through the cellophane shades that are your tales of adventures and lore, and abaft them is annihilation but a abashed man abashed that he's accomplishing aggregate wrong.

    Hotel cabo frio

  14. HNoOurTs 1Y9 E- 1T5

    What. The. Hell.