Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scott's Dead(?) -/|\- Forget Me Nightmare Rondo -/|\- Aftermath

 Scott's Dead(?)

I'm about ninety percent certain Scott is dead. Well fuck.

Except that he's not. He's really not. And someone's going to get hurt. Probably whoever's stolen his account.

Zero however, is stone dead. I'm too tired to say more than that. I'd give him a proper eulogy, if only because of the similarities between us, but at the end of the day I'm barely intact right about now. He was a good man, then he went nuts, then he realized he went nuts, and now he's dead in a thoroughly pointless fashion.
 I'm so tired right now.

Scott was in Pennsylvania. I couldn't help him out when I first started this little operation. This time around, I was half dead. He died somewhere in a place called Strepaddassaerwhatever. I'll have to find that name. Then I need to find out who took his account and wrote laughter in a post window, thinking it was clever. This shit is just noxious.

I think I need to go there. I owe the dead a due, and maybe something for the living too. 

What was I doing while that was going on? I was busy trying not to die. I've been a bundle of sweat and pain for the last few days


Forgetful Nightmare Rondo

It should have been a quiet night. Me in my own bed, dealing with my awesome plans all day, finally having a chance to sleep.

I tossed a bit, and I turned a bit. Then I found myself, as I sometimes do, in a mighty castle. I was in a Victorian-era suit, surrounded by people at a fantastic looking banquet. Vast chandeliers rose above us, shining brightly with a thousand candles. Surely the hogs who died to give us the fat for them had not died in vain.This was the banquet hall of a mighty castle, it's great stone walls covered in tapestry, with a mighty oaken table that had required the sacrifice of a thousand trees.

I took a few steps forward, and found myself in an argument with Alan Rickman regarding Harry Potter, and whether or not Avada Kedvra (the death curse from Harry Potter) was worthwhile in actual combat. So the next thing I know, me and Alan Rickman are standing around with wands, totally getting ready to kill the shit out of each other...

And then I realize I must be dreaming. I grunt, and spin around because something feels completely wrong here. Suddenly, Victorian Castle-town was gone and I saw a little shape in the night impale me with a half a dozen black tentacles. I was awake, and I could barely move. I just felt exhausted. I rolled over in my bed, and felt the weight of whatever was attacking me in my skull.. I reached out, and barely managed to activate my bedside lamp. This was when things got interesting. Look, when I knew that Slendy was gunning for me back in November, I ended up putting all kinds of defenses into place all around my apartment. In this case, the lamp was specially prepared to emit something a little extra besides light. It triggered a half a dozen astral constructs which started pulsing with positive energy in a burst around my bed, along with something a little more explosive. I'd designed it as a last ditch defense if I was attacked while sleeping, and it went off without a hitch.

Something was sent flying out of my room. Then it came back in. The bulb in the lamp died with one mighty flash of light. My eyes just felt so heavy. And then I was asleep again.

I was back in the castle, walking around and talking with several of the guests. I had an objective, didn't I? I found myself walking up a beautiful spiral staircase...and ran into my Grandpa and Pregnant Grandma. That was about the point that I realized I was dreaming again. Pregnant Grandma automatically means I must be dreaming for OBVIOUS reasons.

And there I am in the dark again, and there it is, stabbing me with tentacles.

I'm back in the Victorian party in the castle, at the top of that spiral staircase. The carpeting was fantastic. I could tell because I had to pick my body off of it. I was feeling so weak in this dream. I stumbled away from the mess, and I knew I was in trouble. Whatever was happening here, I was being given a serious run for my money. But I keep moving. And then I see a door ahead. I reach for it, but a hand takes mine and pulls me away from it. Three yellow lasers pass in front of the door, and I turn my head to see a young woman pulling me away from them.

She has dark hair going down to her shoulders and a little smile that tells me that she's having far too much fun. She was in a yellow dress, was wearing pearl earrings. She had white silk dress gloves. God I wish dreams were more exact. I remember the face, I will never forget the face, but...

She said to me, "Just hold on. In another three seconds, the lasers will pass and you can go through that door. He's a sturdy fucker, isn't he?"

Then she slapped something onto my chest, and it was like I'd been hit by lightning. Power pulsed through me, and I felt my body coming back together. I figured at the time that I'd die some day. But it wouldn't be today. It wouldn't be tomorrow either.

Then she said, "My name's Ellen. Lets go..."

The door exploded in darkness, and Mystery Girl Ellen was tossed onto her ass. And HE exploded outward at me. The Castle was gone, Ellen, whoever she was had gone, and I was stuck face to no-face with HIM. I knew I was dreaming, and he couldn't just toss me back into the dream with a good hit this time. I drew my sword and cut aside a wave of black tentacles flying at me.

That's about when I woke up again. The windows of my room had shattered inward, Weaver, Spinner, and Cutter were standing in a circle around my bed. I felt dead. I coughed a bit, breathed a little, and realized that I was in far too much pain to be dead. I saw Green Man run in from the main room. My vision was fuzzy, and I looked out toward my window. There HE was. For a moment, a brief moment. Then I collapsed.


So I should be dead. I've spent the last few days with "Flu-like symptoms" caused by having my spiritual centers tap-danced on by the Slender Sucker Spinner, Weaver, and Cutter all felt something really weird in the house, and went to see what was going on with me. They were apparently nearly overwhelmed by the sheer force of whatever had been in the room, and immediately threw together a banishing circle. The candles for it just wouldn't stay lit though. I scanned the astral plane earlier, and it looked like somebody found a way to create a hole through multiple months of defensive fortification. I'll give you a hint though: It wasn't HIM.

This was Mastermind. There were multiple trapdoors that human hands had worked into this shit. He must have been drilling for a while, and then HE used the opening Mastermind had created to get into my head.

Seeing as I've done a woefully inept job of actually explaining who that son of a bitch is, I'm going to have to work a little harder. Assuming of course that he and his goons don't just knock down our front door. The truth is, that if Mastermind really wanted us dead or imprisoned, it'd be done and that would be that. I've been terrified of what would happen once he knew who I was. Checkmate has always been whenever he figured out who we were. Then again, I'm pretty sure he's going to leave us alone. After all, this has always been about Time Lord, and the longer we remain out in the open, the more likely he'll stop on by. THEN Mastermind will kill us all.

I've spent the last few days out of commission. It's time to get back to work. I hope I'll be able to look into what's going on with this Scott mess. Mostly though? I have to explain who Mastermind is, preferably before we're all dead. It's not like I expect you to believe me though. What he is has to be too crazy, even for me.


  1. Jeez. I'm glad you're alright, that's rather terrifying.

  2. Oh damn it! I have been worried fricking sick about you! A phone call, a text message, an email, something!


  3. Hate to say it, but now I'm just relieved. That can't have been pleasant, but when you said "ambulatory", my first image was of you without legs. Kind of a side-effect of where I am, I suppose... Either way, for the future, is there any way you can put up an alert that'll let you know when someone's messing with your defenses? I've got one around the template right now, so I know it can be done.

    -hug- Feel better. =(

  4. Damn. I'm so sorry Nick I hope things get better. Infact I'm pretty sure they will. Because all of the awesome you emit will hold it at bay.

    But in all seriousness I hope you're okay.

  5. Uhm. Already commented once, but I thought maybe we should talk. Considering the whole dream thing. What the fuck was that, anyway?

    Email me?

  6. Ugh...Man, I hope you feel better soon...That is terrifying. I hate it when dreams attack..I'd much prefer to deal with things attacking in the physical world...

  7. Seeing as Ellen is now a contributor to this blog, I can safely assume she was no enemy of yours.