Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kay's House and Usurper

Further examination of Kay's house reveals no real points of entry or exit. The place is solid as a rock, as far as magical protection goes. It was just like this when Kay was picked up and moved though. This mess has me all kinds of nervous and unhappy.

We had a visit from The Slick Suit Wearing Shitfucker. I had to keep myself from collapsing at the thought of having black widow spiders crawling all over my body, biting me. I'm alright though. Kay saw the whole thing, and I envy her for still having that layer of disbelief between herself and this thing. She twitched, and pretended he wasn't there. She's gotten hardened to this thing...good for her.


Rather than just try and write out a whole lot more history, I decided to just type up a conversation me and Kay had earlier today.

Kay: So Nick, have you been spending all your time trying to figure out that tree, or have you actually spent some time trying to solve your own headaches too hun?

I was laying down on her couch with a wet cloth on my forehead. Oh wonderful wet cloth. You save me yet again.. Today was most definitely a migraine day

Me: "Ohhhh Kay. My headaches have not yet begun to suck."

Kay lit up some of her lavender incense.

Me: "Lavender. Brilliantly done, Kay, I love your incense."
Kay: If you can reach the point where sitting up won't make you nauseous, I've got some tea that should help.
Me: "Nauseous has never been a problem. Just the pain in the membraine. My migraines are nice about that."
Kay: Lucky you. *she smiles* Well before the tea, why don't we start with you letting me try a trick I used to use on a boyfriend that got migraines whenever I baked becuse he was too greedy to resist chocolate.         Me: "At this point? Beats using up precious, precious Maxalt."

I sat up a bit, watching to see what Kay had in mind. Kay pulled a small bottle of oil out of a drawer and put a few drops on her fingers. She gently massaged my head and neck. Not going to lie gents, my headache started going away awfully fast. I think I made a little "murble noise" and he melted into the couch. I think she was amused by this. In any case, she kept working on my skull for a while, and I was feeling pretty good by the end.

Kay: There how's that? Should I get the tea?

I very slowly, very lazily, raised my hand in a thumbs-up.A few minutes later, that hand had tea in it. Glorious, magnificent tea.

Kay: Drink up.

Good tea is something to be savored. I took my time with it. Then it was time to answer questions.

Me: "Well. As per what took you from your house, I can safely say that I know it wasn't human. What I can't tell you is anything useful. As for my own problems...well, I'm especially fucked in that regard."
Kaylin: Especially fucked? That sounds distinctly unpleasant. Who'd you piss off?
Me: "Kay, you've kept up with my blog. My entire past life was pissing people off on one level or another, and I can't remember the majority of it. The little flickers I do get are just enough to tell me when to run like hell."
Kay: So should you be running right now?
Me: "I don't know who she is. I don't know where she's from, the only things of hers I can see are random Haiku, which give the impression of an aspiring hack... she fed Slendy a kid, in such a manner that I would end up having to directly act to save the kid. that's the only clear action that I know she performed as of late. The only reason I can think of why she'd do that is so that I'd be stuck exactly where she wanted me to be. It also doesn't help that I don't remember myself being a woman at all."
Kay: Have you considered a regression?
Me: "A regression?"
Kay: Past life regression. It's a specialized form of hypnosis that has a small success rate with helping people recall past life memories.

I considered that for about three seconds before shaking my head.

Me: "I have heard of that. Not a chance. Far too dangerous."
Kay: Why is it dangerous? I would think that knowing more about what happened would be helpful. You can't work on making things right if you don't what went wrong.
Me: "I wasn't one of the good guys, Kay. Some things, when locked up, should stay locked up."

Kay shook her head.

Kay: I'll disagree because you now have some crazy ass bad poetry spouting chick invading your brain and you don't even know why.
Me: "I've been in Usurper's head before, Kay. It wasn't pretty."
Kay: Well its your choice hun, but i don't think leaving yourself in the dark is going to help.
Me: "I let him out once. You see, Rogue Nemesis, he wasn't going away. He was always in my face, and he was good enough that we were basically keeping pace with each other once he found out that his FEAR ME shtick wasn't working. The Rogues wanted their asshole back, so I was tempted. Open the door to that thing inside me. Unleash my inner fury or some shit like that. This turned out to be Usurper. Didn't have any of his memories though, just his extremely twisted personality. I called Rogue Nemesis, 'Rogue Nemesis', because of all of them, he was the one with a personal vendetta. Then Usurper tore him apart."

Kay brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them.

Kay: "That's...impressive. Disturbing, but impressive. Is Usurper a real name or one of your code names?"
Me: "Code name. I don't have a real name for any of these entities. the thing is, it was...well, there's another name for the one I've been calling Rogue Wizard. It becomes important later. Right now though? ...look, he said that there was something old and powerful inside me, and if I wanted to put a stop to all of this, that was the thing to do it. But whatever went wrong, it affected that little piece of who I used to be the worst way. He couldn't remember either, and his personality was overlayed on top of mine. Aggressive, meanspirited, dishonorable, vicious, shortsighted, all of these things describe Usurper. Time Lord figured out that there was something very wrong with me, very quickly while we were talking on the phone. Long story short, we gave Usurper something like an exorcism, except not. He's still a piece of me. Just a weak, and not-in-charge piece, and I've got all his old tricks in my bag. Just another trial to be overcome. But I'm not ever risking putting him in the driver's seat. He's like Tom, but with a sense of duty and none of the misogyny."
Kay: But isn't Time Lord the one that screwed you over? Are you sure what he did was the right thing when you don't even know if you can trust him anymore?
Me: "The only thing scarier to me than what Time Lord is doing, is the idea of having Usurper calling the shots. Some monsters stay in their cages. Period."
Kay: Well then what do you do next? Just sit around and wait to be attacked?
Me: "Well, that sounds like a bad plan."
Kay: Agreed, but the way you're describing things it sounds like you're in a bit of a corner.
Me: "...well ain't it the truth."
Kay: Ok so maybe the next step is too figure out how rainbow girl is controlling you.
Me: "When has she ever controlled me?"
Kay: If she's adding her own commentary to your posts, I think it's a safe assumption that she is temporarily controlling your brain long enough to have you add them in. Unless you think a spirit type creature would know the ins and outs of hacking your account.
Me: "Well GEE Kay, seeing as the first time she posted was while I was getting my ass kicked by Morningstar, I'd say that it's more likely that she somehow has a way into my account. It makes sense, symbolically, it's a storehouse of my ideas and my past."
Kay: Hmm. Fine so I can't perfectly remember the timing of things that happened while I was detoxing in a hospital.
Me: "Tch. Keep in mind, everyone's forgetting that. Not just you. Sorry."

Kay nodded

Kay: Well in all fairness, its been a busy few months for all of us. So you're ruling out the idea that she's controlling you, that's fine, although she does have the ability to hide what she does from you, which if you think about it still is a form of mind control.
 Me: True. Very true.

I sighed, and glared up at the ceiling. Kay has a nice ceiling. Kay was tapping her finger against her lips thoughtfully.

Kay: So what would be the best theory? That's she's someone from your past, or that she's someone from your past in a new body that has memories of the past?
Me: "I'd be much better at theorizing if I could actually see what she says. Timelord doesn't want me to see it, because he thinks I need to act without that information right now. Frankly, he's being a third degree fucknutter."

Kay frowned a little.

Kay: I could try reading it to you...but I'm a little scared of what the side effects might be.
Me: "Maybe. Maybe. Probably wouldn't be as bad as playing with Usurper."
Kay: I swear, if you pass out and start bleeding like Cathy and Tony did, I will have a total nervous break down.
Me: "I've got plenty of blood."
Kay: Alright.

Needless to say, I passed out very quickly when she was reading. I woke up an hour later with a pillow under my head and a blanket around me. After that, I didn't give a damn and went back to sleep.

That was yesterday. In a few hours, I'll be back at my apartment. Then, I have a number of things to tell you all.


  1. What if someone used MORSE CODE?

    Or wrote it in reverse order and held it up to a mirror?

    Manipulated an Oujii Board?

    Smoke Signals?!

  2. Also "Wahh wahh demon in me"

    You going to cower like a babby or act like a Sage, Nick?

    You have to plumb your depths. Plumb them real good!

  3. Keep it up Maurice. I'll plumb your depths so hard your ANCESTORS feel it, then I'll tear whatever you call a heart out of your chest and barbecue it for the local dogs.

    And then I'll have Hakurei Ryuu psychoanalyze you. And then, after all that, I'll get creative.

  4. Remind me never to piss you off, Sagey-kun.