Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Billy Pilgrim is Unstuck in Time

Billy Pilgrim is Unstuck in Time. It's the first line to the classic novel "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut. In it, Billy Pilgrim gets literally unstuck in time, and starts reliving his life out of order for our viewing pleasure. That line's been stuck in my head all day. There has to be a reason.

Anyways, as the picture suggests, something has gone horribly wrong. As soon as I figure out what, I'll let you know. You see, I've started remembering things from the Lost 29 hours or so. For starters, I did get to Buffalo.

Okay look, there isn't much I can tell you yet. The apartment is going into Lockdown Mode until the three of us can figure out what's actually happening here.

There are a number of points we have determined which have placed us in our current state of panic.
  • There Was a Sword. Forgemaster Made it for me. I had it "On My Way to Buffalo." It is now missing.
  • Forgemaster and Green Man are in universal agreement that I was here for the past few days. They're also in universal agreement that there is no way I could have been here. Forgemaster wants this to go away, and Green Man is...well, I've never actually seen him pissed off at a supernatural incident before. He's one of the coldest sons of bitches I've ever met during these kinds of things, and he's actually getting worked up.
  • Forgemaster has a blank spot in his memory from when he finished the sword, until when he handed it to me. He remembers handing it to me, but he does not remember anything about the time period where he did the final work.
  • Yesterday, we determined that my car was around with a Full tank of Gas. I went over that yesterday.
  • The astral plane is exploding out the ying-yang with cosmic WTF. Even Green Man is feeling it, and as I've explained before, he doesn't feel shit.
  • Time is Wonky. I know when time is Wonky from years of working with Time Lord. To quote The Doctor of Dr. Who fame: "Time is more like a bit ball of a wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey...stuff." And I may not be able to tell you WHY it's wonky, but I can tell when it's wonky.
Conclusion: If the Veil cracks and fades tomorrow and the whole world explodes in a violent inferno of suck, the very first thing I'm going to do is track Time Lord down and kick his ass. Hard.

I hope to have better information by tomorrow.

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  1. I truly hope you did kick his ass for fucking with your memory that way. But,, well, here's a little something you should have thought about. If he had gotten as good with his abilities as you had thought, he wouldn't have bothered giving you a shitty memory wipe. He would have done the real deal. So question is.. why was he trying to stall you, but wanted you to have the memories in the end?