Saturday, April 2, 2011

7 Days Remaining: A Plea For Sanity

Okay. Me and Ryuu just pulled off something absolutely insane. For that alone, I can understand what's going on here.

That said, don't try to pull the same trick. I've had years of experience in my potentially nonexistent field, years of tiptoeing around the Jersey Devil, and I know how to play the cards in my favor.

Frap, I saw your request in my last post. I don't understand what's going on with you and Joce these days, I'd be lying if I said I understood the last few posts. What I do know, is that tossing information your way so you two can do something that is most likely suicidal would be like tossing a loaded gun to a small child. I read about the "ritual stuff" you were throwing together. These entities are not toys. Setoth summoned Slendy to him to prove Slendy wasn't real, we've probably heard how THAT turned out. What I pulled off with the Jersey Devil only worked because it was COMPLETELY INSANE. Nobody could have seen it coming. It was so out of the blue, crazy, and unexpected that nobody thought to prepare for the possibility. And I threw together a sweet and funky ritual that got it pissed, got it charging right at me, and then another one that tossed it right into the one thing that would piss it off more than me. I spent a LOT of time throwing that together. In seven days, it will probably stand in line to eat me.

Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen: I am completely insane and unfit for a life in normal society. I'm a war veteran in a war that never happened as far as 99.5% of the human population is concerned, who was warped and twisted into something that can't stop fighting. DO NOT TRY TO EMULATE ME. When I do die, I'd like to go out without taking any decent people with me. ...god help me, I am making a plea for sanity. What is this world coming to?

And the Erlking. We're talking about some old-school mythology partially Co-opted by my favorite author Jim Butcher. Look man, there are things trapped in a dark, deep void long beyond your imagining. You do not command something like that. You do not play games with something like that. You bring it into your world and you die. And hopefully, he goes away whenever whatever circle you threw together to bring him forth fades.

I gave no details of said rituals and preparations beyond the very minor things, because I was afraid of someone trying to repeat this kind of stunt.

I'm having a Migraine Day. I really hope I don't need more pills, I have enough to worry about as it is.


  1. No, no, that ritual thing is what I do to talk to Slendy. I'm not trying to summon any kind of Erlking or other monstrosity. I only wanted to know about him so I could help Joce out. Like I said, I've done it before. What, four times? Five?

    Anyway, I don't think it works without certain, ah, preparations that I have access to, so it's hard to emulate anyway.

    I have NO idea what Joce is trying to do. He is in a spot of trouble right now. Again.

    And I...I'm trying to...learn. Some things. About myself.

  2. You know, you keep saying how you have years under your belt. To me, it just sounds like a guy with way too much on his shoulders trying to tell people to go away. To stop trying to play little kid's games when people could get hurt, and probably die. The big bad attitude is getting easier to decipher. Either it's the way you're writing, or my getting used to the way you write in general. Either way.. my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry you grew up with all that pain as well.