Thursday, March 31, 2011

8 Days Remaining -/|\- A Conversation with Time Lord

So me and Ryuu are back whenever visiting hours are open. She's negotiating with her parents to stick around until Kay wakes up. I'm glad I don't live at home anymore. If nothing else, this is a good excuse for me to avoid seeing Green Man in HIS hospital bed. The doctors in Philly expect he'll have a full recovery, but it's my fault that he got in that mess to begin with. I've talked to him over the phone, but it's not going to be the same as actually being there, and admitting that I accidentally pulled him into a situation best described as hell on crack.

Hakurei Ryuu is foaming at the mouth about "The stupidity of the people yelling at Zero." Frankly, this isn't my mess. So long as he stays away from Kay, me, Ryuu and my people, I don't care what kind of deep end he's jumped off of. As it is, he's only going after people he considers "Tainted." Yeah, I know, I love the mentality he's using: he of course, is the one who decides who is tainted and who should die. I hate it when people do that. The reason Ryuu is so pissed is because all these people posting angry messages on his page don't realize: getting angry and in his face isn't going to help anything. It's just going to make him more likely to go down the course he's charted.

As a man, I'll be the first to say that we men can occasionally think with our balls instead of our brains. Then again, it's not just men: we all want to shout out and demonstrate a dominant show of force. We want to show that we're some kinds of badass, and that "oh no that scary Zero better not go after me! If he does, I'll stomp him flat!" Guess what ladies and gents, we're talking about a guy who walked into that Solstice mess armed with a Katana and some prayer, was named "Sage" by Robert, and survived quite a bit of hell at the hands of TPF and friends for a long while before that. He's not some cartoon character, this isn't a TV show, he'll corner you and kill you if you're on his list and that's all there is to it.

Yeah, I know, the loudmouth who directly threw himself in the path of Morningstar to try and protect Hakurei Ryuu, the guy who just pulled some serious shenanigans with the double-circle from hell to get two ancient monsters to duke it out, this guy is telling you to cut it out because you're being cartoony. For better or for worse, I planned things out as best I could and spent days preparing those ash mixtures and plotting how I'd go about all this crap. I intentionally left so many details about what I did out of the writing, because I'm terrified that somebody else out there is going to try and recreate that insane little maneuver of mine. I do not want to be responsible for somebody calling down one creature or another and getting eaten on the spot. Guess what guys, I've spent eight years learning how to do this potentially nonexistent madness, and in theory have other past lives guiding my hands. Unless I'm just insane and it's all been luck. And I nearly got my best friends killed because I didn't think that Morningstar could go after them. Do NOT follow my example. Zero thinks he's lost damn near everything, and he's willing to do some crazy stuff. People who think they've got nothing left will do stupid, stupid things.

Quit provoking him. It's safer that way. And if you think he's going after you, I suggest you invest in barred windows and large firearms. He's human, he follows human rules, unlike the other problems you have. Lord knows that he'll be one unhappy camper when someone calls the police on his vigilante ass and he gets taken in for aggravated assault. How about trespassing and attempted murder? Use your heads people, Zero is only a threat to you if you're stupid. He's a situation that Reality is equipped to handle. Lord knows that when he's wanted across the United States for attempted murder and murder, he's not going to be much of a threat while he's dodging cops.

And in the mean time? Hey! Maybe we can talk him out of whatever he's doing! Did anybody think of that?

In any case, I spotted that Kaiju's blogs...appear to be completely gone. What the hell did I miss??? Give me a break, I hope he's not in some kind of trouble.


A Conversation with Time Lord

While me and Ryuu were waiting at the hospital, I took a lovely, wonderful phone call from an old friend.

I stepped into an empty room as I spotted the Caller ID. (Time Lord.) Well, I knew this was coming. If nobody's guessed by now, whenever I put someone's code name in Parenthesis it means that someone or something has just referred to them by their real name.

Time Lord: "Hey (AmalgamationSage)"

Amalgamations Sage: "Hey (Timelord)"

Time Lord: " near as I can tell, the Jersey Devil came out of the Pine Barrens and got in a fight to the death with something, tearing New Jersey apart. Again. And I asked myself, who is it that keeps causing massive, world-smashing distortions on the Astral Plane?"

Amalgamation Sage: "Did either of them die?"

Time Lord: "No."

Amalgamation Sage: "Yes, because that would have been too easy."

Time Lord: "(Amalgamation Sage), are you completely insane?! New Jersey looks like it got nuked to hell and back, the spirits are flying everywhere, you could have shattered the Veil with that shit!"

Amalgamation Sage: "It was out of my hands. I was running a rescue, and I can't exactly run through a house that changes every time you blink AND fight Blanky the Cosmic Representation of Suck at the same time. I don't even think I CAN fight Blanky. This thing is different from anything I've ever seen, man. It's not possible, but it's happening, and it's bad. It's really bad."

Time Lord: "...I finally got a look at that creature of yours. It doesn't exist in the normal flow of time. It's what happened to you in November all over again."

The November Incident. I've been avoiding discussing that. I'm almost out of time though. Where did all my days go?

Amalgamation Sage: "I was feeling pretty good about myself when you were bitching about how I could have caused the end of the world. Can we get back to that? I really was enjoying it."

Time Lord: "...Do you need help?"

I thought about it. Our odd cadre of mystics and shamans and other weird professionals has an unfortunate problem. Maybe 1 in 8 of us have the expertise to do what me and Time Lord do. I can think of exactly three other people besides myself who I'd want anywhere NEAR Slendy. One of them's Time Lord. The other has something of a Knight Templar thing going on that would make Zero jealous. The third is Tao. I want to bring Tao in, but he's still looking for his people. I need to trust that he'll find them in time. That's my backup right there.

For better or for worse, there aren't a lot of us that are actually in contact with each other, despite the decent number of us worldwide. Everybody is covering an area far too big for what they can handle. Slendy is the sort of thing that might well be the death of all of us. For better or for worse, there's only one thing I can say to an offer of reinforcements:

Amalgamation Sage: "Nah. I fought my way into this, now I'll fight my way out."

We exchanged our goodbyes, and I took a moment to wash my face. In an hour and 10 minutes, I'll be down to 7 days. One week before I'm in the thick of it. This one might be the death of me. But don't count on it. I'll come up with something.


  1. I hate to say it, because I know what it cost you, but you probably did the right thing.

    And hey. I'm still around, for what it's worth. People involved in magickal shit gotta stick together, right?

  2. You could have just told me that. We're maybe ten feet away from each other. :P

    Yeah. That is good to hear. Although, I'm a little old to be adding extra letters to the word "Magic" to make it sound dignified. ;D

    It's good to know I'm not on my own. Lets try to do the whole "Staying alive" thing, eh?

  3. It's not dignified, it's semantics. "Magic" is slight of hand and illusions. "Magick" is the real deal. ;P

    Also, don't be surprised if I hug you more than once before the night is out. God knows we both need it.

  4. -_- In case anyone gets the wrong idea, the woman I was connected to since this whole mess started eight years ago died less than a month ago. I'm getting a hug and NOTHING ELSE.

    e_e at least one of you was thinking it.

  5. You are either a talented writer or a psychopath. Maybe both. I just finished reading through your blog.

    I'll be sure to keep my shipping wall clear [/sarcasm]

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second. A psychopath is someone who is removed from humanity, making calculated decisions regarding people around him that often ignore such wonderful things as emotions and mercy.

    For better or for worse, I take other people's lives into account quite nicely, thank you.

    I'm more of a Paranoid Schizophrenic/Schizotypal or a victim of a psychotic break. Although, I'd hope I'm not a bad writer. I have a degree you know! ^^

    ...Ben. I kind of wish you'd walked away when we asked. But hey, since you're here, good luck.

  7. Magick is what they said in medieval Europe, isn't it?

    And Magicka is that one game thing..."The Mage Suicide Simulator".

    Hey, Amalgamation, er...d'you think you could email me a little bit of info on the Erlking? You seem to know about it. If you can, um, since I think you're a bit busy right now,

  8. I have a theory about the nicknames we throw around. It's a tad obvious, but what the hell, I'll give it anyway. Those nicknames are our way of separating ourselves from reality. Our way of injecting some kind of humor into the fucked up lives that we lead. It's a coping mechanism, and damn it all, it's hard to realize how sad it is until you catch yourself doing it as well.

    The November incident would be lovely to hear about. Ya know, finally. Along with HER name.