Sunday, March 6, 2011

In Which I Reassure the Reader

I started this blog in September. I was angry at the world. I was graduating from college at the end of the semester, and I wanted to scream about how I existed, and nothing was going to stop me. In short, I started this blog for all the wrong reasons. It wasn't originally meant to inform or tell any sort of truth, it was my way of venting all too much existential angst about the existential side of my life.

Then Tao called, like I said earlier. While I may potentially be insane, Tao is one of the few people I can say is absolutely crazy beyond a shadow of a doubt with no reservations. He is totally insane, and yet, he's among a bunch of people I can count on one hand that I can absolutely trust. Lord knows he's about to do something that could get him killed, and I can't have that.

The reason I'm saying all of this, is because I don't expect anyone to trust me. As I've stated in other places, this is the internet. I could be anyone or anything. It also doesn't help that I've taken specific steps to ensure my anonymity. I only just recently updated my profile to list that I am a Man, and that I live in Philadelphia. These are things anyone could figure out by reading my posts. I debated deleting my introduction post from September, but decided not to. Just because I can't prove anything about myself doesn't mean that I can't keep it. It's nice having a "One Truth" that no one can take from you. One truth can be all it takes.

That said, I'm getting myself involved in the Tall, Dark, and Spindly situation. After research into what's going on, I determined that the name I set up when I started all this a few months back, "Amalgamation Sage", could get me in trouble here. After all, where this situation is concerned, Sage is a VERY specific title. Don't worry, readers, I'm not out to troll anyone. This wasn't and isn't my intent. It has personal symbolism to me, and that is all.

I've got maybe six weeks before my life expectancy drops dramatically. This is not scientific fact, it could be two weeks, it could be a month, either way I'm running out of time. In the time that I have, I will be posting information here about my past and what exactly I do. I will do this every day if I can manage it. I can't help anyone if they don't believe me, and nobody's going to believe a guy who just SAYS something outright.. It's the internet after all. So I'm going to try and prove myself as I go along with this blog. That said, the alternative to me being who I am is that I'm some guy who is either A: A Functioning Paranoid Schizophrenic, or B: What he says he is AND a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Neither option is a good one, but I'm going to be pointing out times where both of those alternatives apply as we go. I want anyone reading this to have all the facts available for a rational decision regarding me.

So why am I getting involved in the Tall, Dark, and Spindly situation? Mostly I have issues with entities that prey on children. Not to mention a sense of duty that's going to get me killed someday. For now though, I'm going to keep laughing it up. It's time to get started.


  1. You're in Philly? Dude, that's awesome; maybe we can team up sometime, if necessary...

  2. You're both in Philly? Hey, if you guys team up, let me know, and I'll stop over! You're both people I think I would like to meet, honestly. =D

    Yeah, when I saw both terms "Sage" AND "Guardian", I admit I was a bit curious. I wouldn't hold it against you even if it was intentional, but it's nice to know it's not. ^^

    Heh. You are officially welcome to the looney bin, my friend. Somehow, I get the feeling we could really use a mind like yours. Now, in the words of another Sage we all know... Let's kick some emaciated ass.

  3. I'm not ready to do any team-ups yet. It isn't because I don't like you guys, its because frankly, I'm not ready to go campaigning against this thing before I know how a few other interested parties in my area are going to jump. ^^;;; I've got an unfortunate problem I refer to as HER. Until I know which direction SHE jumps, I'm basically asking to get gutted.

    I should be able to figure it out soon enough though. Here's hoping, at least.

  4. I understand, it was just a thought. ^^

    Good luck in figuring things out!

  5. I'm, personally, really bad about going and reading everyone's older posts, so I might not do that : / BUT I want you to know, I think your approach to the Slendy stuff is very honorable and stupid and I wish you the best of luck. X D (Don't worry, most people who get involved in this go about it in very courageous/ foolhardy ways. (myself included))

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  6. This makes me feel somewhat hopeful, but at the same time, your life expectancy has been much higher than expected. You're still alive, aren't you?