Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to Work -/|\- Day 18

Scared me silly until I realized it was part of construction
The convention center had some construction going on in the parking lot, and I ended up getting a bad parking place all the way on the edge of the lot. Nothing beats starting your morning thinking you're staring at your first Operator Symbol. It's better than coffee! But no, just a part of the construction markings.

I didn't need that right now. Eighteen days left. I've been about half-dead since 2 PM and running on caffeine. I've got about 8 articles in the bag, and that will cover my ass work-wise for now.

Student's boyfriend has gone off the deep end. For better or for worse, she has issues with her father. You know the old story about how people with an abusive parent tend to get into abusive relationships? Yeah. The worst part is, that the boyfriend is one of Time Lord's FORMER STUDENTS. I'll Codename him "Brawler." Brawler is just that, a bare-knuckle brawler with about enough talent to fill a thimble and the common sense of a lemming.

Student has talent in spades. She doesn't even realize how good she is. A few weeks after she and Brawler got involved and he introduced her to me, I ended up saying to Brawler:

"(Brawler). This isn't something you fuck around with. You two are dating, and you want to teach her. Fine. You're training a Partner. Someone to back you up. You will take this seriously, unlike everything else you've ever done. This is your responsibility."
He said to me, "Yeah. Totally, of course."

Needless to say, I'm the one teaching her now. He didn't teach her shit, and after a few weeks he told her "You'll never be one of us!" And said she had no talent. I guess he was too busy being an asshole to teach her anything.

No talent. NO TALENT?! Well fuck me sideways and call me a kangaroo, if she's got no talent then I'm a bloody nerf-ball tossing LARPer running around shouting "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!"

So Brawler's going on about a bunch of conspiracy theories involving Japan, he basically just spent the last 52 hours straight working on information that doesn't make sense. He's acting completely nuts. I'm afraid he's going to try and hurt her or something. I don't know why I think that, just call it a hunch. I just called him, talked to him about it, and got him to relax. I know I said I'd start telling the whole story and how we got to this point when I got back from the convention, but fuck it. The rest of tonight is getting spent proofreading articles and figuring out whether or not I need to go to Chicago and keep Brawler from hurting himself or others. I'm too old for this shit.


  1. -hugs- But at least you had fun at the con, right? That's something! ^^U

    Tell Student I said hi, and not to worry about jerkfaced jerks who think they know more than they do.

    ...I mean, seriously. "One of us"? What does Brawler think this is, a cult? >.<

  2. You're too old for this shit? Are you motherfucking kidding me? There are grandpas that are somehow still alive through all the Fear's nonsense. You have a long, long potential life ahead of you. Unfortunately, you'll probably die before you get the chance to live it. It's truly a shame.

    On another note, I forgot to tell you something. The fact that you can propel yourself forward with energy makes you sound like Batman on crack. I am jealous as fuck.