Monday, March 21, 2011

Well shit. We really needed THAT right now, didn't we?

I'm waaaaaaay too old for this shit.

Well damn. I sort of wondered whether or not this might happen. Ladies and gentlemen, we've just hit Pain Town. Population: Everybody.

I have no idea how to proceed at this point. Shelby is 13, and kids are pretty easy to manipulate at that age, especially the ones who have multiple personalities, no offense intended. I don't know what's going on here, but my theories run the gamut from enemy plot, Kung Fu Treachery, to a chain reaction that started when Reach dropped his particular bombshell.

Personally, I really hope it's not Kung Fu Treachery. Slendy McDoucheRiot is one thing, but Ninjas? I'm not equipped to handle Ninjas. I know people who are, but I'm not one of them. If this ends in a mighty ninja battle, I'm heading for the hills. I'll stick to dealing with potentially nonexistent spirits and entities in my insane little world that I don't expect anyone else to believe in.

God knows I don't blame Shelby, whatever happens next. This whole mess is crazy enough as is, and kids make mistakes. She's just 13. I remember when I was thirteen. I don't like to talk about the stupid shit I did when I was thirteen. In fact, I've got a long, long list of things from when I was a kid that I think about sometimes, and I'll have these moments where I clasp my skull and groan at how stupid I was. Then again, I'm a perfectionist about human interaction. Needless to say, MY life didn't start to make sense until after I was 20.

Having just used the "It was just an ARG!" Trick to get Clone Kaiju out of trouble a few days ago, the fact that this is happening right now is giving me this brilliant, fantastic headache. I suffer from chronic migraines, and I take preventative medication every night to ensure a minimal amount of pain in the membrane at all times. I forgot to take it yesterday night with all the craziness that Brawler put out into the open. I think he and Student are alright now. Then something happened that...well, Day 18 was fucked up. If I tried to explain EXACTLY what happened, it wouldn't make any sense. So I need to tell the whole story before I explain what the fuck happened at the end of day 18. However, I've got work to do and forgetting to take that pill means I need to break out the Maxalt. Maxalt will take your migraine by the balls and pile-drive it out of your head, but it can also make you dizzy. In short, I'm cooped up in the apartment writing all day, because I'm not safe to drive.

I'm down to 17 days. I'm going to be cutting it close. I've got to tell the whole story before I'm fighting for my life, but I can't really do that on Migraine Day.

Needless to say, my opinion on EVERYTHING that's happening right now is summed up by the picture: "Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, and Johnny Depp with a Blowup Doll. Your argument is invalid." I can't wait until this whole mess blows over so that people can get back to what we all want to do: Survive, and maybe kill this fucking dapper and fashionable, blank faced, child eating mothefucker.

And goddamn it, if this IS Kung Fu Treachery, then I have attracted the attention of at least 3 different nasty Conspiracies out to dominate the world. ...Admittedly, that'd be pretty cool. I mean, if I could totally attract the attention of 3 different major conspiracies and still survive? I'd be living the dream baby. God it's fantastic being totally fucking off-your-rocker insane sometimes.

So yeah. It's not Kung-Fu Treachery. And all jokes aside, I hope everybody figures out what exactly is going on. I'm too old for this shit.


  1. I know it's a lot to handle, but if there's one thing I can vouch for it's that Shelby didn't make up her evidence. I can't vouch for how true the evidence is.

  2. *sigh* I just have to say, if they are ARGers, does it really matter? The fact that they've put out these ideas means that for those of us that are real (or for some of those, the ones who vouch to being "real") it effects us, it becomes real for us. Look at how many people have run into revenants! I mean, jesus, I met Raz and he used his powers on me once to show me what it was like. It was real, and it hurt immensely. I just have to say, I really believe he was a Conduit.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. -hugs- Bad times all around, I think. But there is a silver lining. Oh HELL is there a silver lining. Let me tell you: rain was the best thing that could possibly have happened last night.

  4. One thing that you learn about me if you stick around, is that I'm slow to anger. I find anger to be useless in many, many situations. I also think that obscenities that are not warranted are stupid. I save it for a rainy day.

    Kay and I are still talking. My conclusion on all this is very, very simple.

    Fuck you Frap. Fuck you Joce. I'm done talking to either of you about this. You two and Shelby have been hurtful, deceitful, and downright vile in your buttfuckery. I can forgive Shelby, she's just a kid. But I cannot forgive anyone who would willingly try to hurt someone like Kay. I'm not outright banning you, but I'm not reading about your problems. And hey, if you're helpful, I might change my mind. But this shit is rancid.

    Do not test me further this day, as between the Migraine and the Articles, I'm REALLY not up to it.


    "Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrifications is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!"

    God I love that film.

  6. Sadly, I've never seen Black Dynamite. But my friends at the dojo quote that scene, and describe things as "Kung Fu Treachery" all the time. I might as WELL have seen it. XD

  7. Really, it is a fantastic movie. You really should see it if you get a chance before the end.

  8. I'm officially placing it at the top of my list. I could use some good comedy right now.

  9. I think that's a little harsh, really. I've never, ever tried to hurt anyone, at least not anyone who didn't deserve it and especially not Kay. Shelby came to her conclusions all on her own, long before I was involved. I'm incredibly sorry that all the hate and pain there's been lately has fogged up the glass.

  10. Becoming dependent on medication is a stupid idea. Then again, so is even the THOUGHT of having to deal with ninjas.

    Another thing I forgot to ask. What's the difference between Seelie and Unseelie?

    What's so bad about your past that you're willing to wait until the day before you die to tell everyone?