Sunday, April 3, 2011

5 Days Remaining: Regarding the Giant Bruise

So last night, I ended up taking Morningstar's challenge. How stupid was that? He promised me a free shot, and after a few too many threats toward Hakurei Ryuu and Kay, I decided that the only way this was going to end was either with them dead or him running for the hills/dead.

And so, I broke my own rules and decided to meet him head on. What was I thinking? I know a LITTLE about fighting, I don't use guns, and really I prefer sitting in my room and projecting off into distant lands. Open fighting isn't really what I do if I have a choice in the matter. About the only thing I did right yesterday was making sure that Green Man's little shadowy doom buddy was still stalking Morningstar before I went in.

I don't want to talk about what happened. Long story short, I got my ass kicked pretty hard. I'm staying with a friend in Collingswood, New Jersey, and I just took my first bath since I was seven years old or so. Threw in these salts that apparently deal with muscle aches well. I feel like I'm one giant bruise. I SHOULD, by rights, be a dead man.

In any case, I'm going to go try and meet up with Snore De Bliss later today. Sorry I couldn't stick around and be more help, Kay. I'm pretty sure you'll be okay until you get out of the hospital. And don't forget that oversized firearm that Spender left you a while back. I don't advocate killing, but I know for a fact that Tom will be back. Things like him don't just walk away after a solid beat down. They always come back.

I have my laptop again, so I'll be on later tonight. Probably after I find Snore.

No history today. Well...maybe later, if I have time.


  1. Well... I'm happy to hear you made it. I hope you heal up fast.


    Goddammit, the minute you leave my sight, you go off and do something stupid!

    I mean, I knew you were planning on taking that stupid "free shot", but I thought you at least had a plan!


    And what was with that cryptic little story last night? Posting weird things with no explanation is not cool, man.

  3. *sighs*

    I can't yell. Not with the position I'm currently in. But really is too much to ask that you stay intact for the next five days?

    And seconding Hakurei's request for you to explain your last blog post.

  4. ^^;;; Um, guys, I didn't post last night. There's nothing on my sidebar either.

    On the other hand, you wouldn't be telling me I did if there wasn't something there.

    Right. What does it say?

  5. O_o You're taking the possibility that you're getting perception-filter'd rather well. Didn't you once mention that you'd taken steps against your blog getting messed with via "cosmic fuckery"?

    Right. Let's try a link first.

    Lemme know if you see that or not.

    And don't think you're off the hook, you idiot. ><

  6. OH. It's one of those things where you can't see it? I hate those, they really hamper progress.

  7. Right. Seeing as there's a blank space between "Right. Let's try a link first." And "Lemme know if you see that or not." And it is April 2nd, I will assume that this is serious problem. I DID take steps against this, but seeing as it's happened anyway, it means that I have to deal with it. That's alright. I've seen this before.

    I'll do some investigating. For now, I need to go find Snore. Signing off for now.

  8. I'm at the Four Corners in the Eastern Ward of Newark. And I'll be driving in the only white Cadillac without both of its tires popped and its ornament stolen.

  9. What - what do you mean April 2nd? It's the third. Isn't it?

  10. Got a free second. I meant April 3rd. =P
    Don't worry guys, I'm not that far gone.

  11. Messing with my boy?

    Yeah no, Morningstar has peeps in higher places than most proxies. I'll be damned if I let some nutjob runner hurt mypeeps ya dig?

    No but really be afraid.

  12. I'll probably botch the quote, but, "Men sometimes think with their balls rather than their brains." Yeah. Nice bit of foreshadowing there, lovely. You got off pretty lucky.